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Citrus & Mint- 16 oz

A refreshing aroma with ripe tangy grapefruit, juicy citrus, garden fresh mint and with a hint of lavender and thyme. Perfect for uplifting any room with its citrusy and earthy aroma.

*Fragrance Notes: Grapefruit, Bergamont, Lemon, Lavender, Orange and Garden Mint.

Citrus & Mint- 16 oz

$32.00 Regular Price
$27.20Sale Price
  • 16 oz clear glass jar with a cork lid

    Dimensions: 4" Tall x 4" Diameter

    Double Wicked 

    Great for large spaces

    *PLEASE NOTE- You may notice what looks like wet spots on your candle jar. This is due to temperature changes and has no effect on your candle.

  • For best results burn candle until wax reaches full pool across candle for the first initial lighting. Generally 1 hour burn time for each diameter of candle. Before each lighting always trim wick to 1/4".  Never leave candle burning unatttended.

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