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Black Currant & Jasmine- 9 oz

An elegant aroma of jasmine and black currant, with hints of citrus and peach. Blended with rich aromas of tonka, amber and black tea. 
*Fragrance Notes: Black currant, jasmine, peach, black tea, amber & tonka bean.

Black Currant & Jasmine- 9 oz

  • Modern and minimalist high quality matte white reusable jar

    Dimensions: 4.25" Tall x 3.15" Diameter

    Plantable Burn & Grow Cover- Embedded Wildflower Seeds 

    Great for medium size spaces

    9 oz US grown natural soy wax

    100% Phthalate free premium fragrance oil and natural essential oils, no toxins

    Lead and zinc free cotton wick       


  • For best results burn candle until wax reaches full pool across candle for the first initial lighting. Generally 1 hour burn time for each diameter of candle. Before each lighting always trim wick to 1/4".  Never leave candle burning unatttended.

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